At First "Rotten"; Then Delightful

Carolyn Overway

READ : Psalm 37:1-8

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. (v. 4)

For several months our life in Kenya was the pits. It seemed like Oscar the Grouch was the one to greet each new day with his words, “Have a rotten day.” First, there was the automobile accident and two broken ribs. Within a week thieves broke into our truck in town. Every valuable possession we had with us in Africa was gone. We got back home to find that the tractor driver got drunk and rolled over the new tractor! Now all of this news had to be passed on to the sponsor of the project. Oh, rotten day.

A letter from a friend came at that time asking if we were delighting in the Lord. Perfect timing! She reminded us that the Lord delights in us. It was like the weight of the past few weeks was lifted from our shoulders. What an encouragement Christian friends can be, especially if they remind us to keep focused on God’s Word. It is delightful! – Carolyn Overway


Lord we want to say to all of our friends today, Kenyan, African, American, that we will remember them and pray for them. When the day is through and when events are disturbing, we will still remember them. We will do this because our delight is in you. Amen.