Not Marketing Faith

Joyce Magee

READ : 2 Corinthians 2:17

We do not peddle the word of God for profit . . . (v. 17 niv)

Are we guilty of thinking of our churches primarily in terms of numbers, feeling defensive about smallness or jealous when another church grows? Perhaps we are in danger of taking on the values of today’s highly-competitive, consumer-oriented society. Are we trying to market our churches like a commodity? In our mission enterprises, we are often tempted to expect a discernable return on the money invested, as though spending a certain amount could be expected to produce conversions or create desired changes.

When we absorb ourselves in concern for numbers, we become like peddlers in the street. Peddlers sell products cheaply to make a living, but we are offering a way of life, not a commodity, and we must not cheapen its value. In looking for largeness, we can easily lose sight of the loneliness and pain of individuals. Instead of “selling” our own programs and speaking in religious clich?s, we are to speak sincerely, in love, and in Christ’s name. Our motivation should not be for personal acclaim or for the profit of the church but for the needs of people-and for the glory of God in all things.


Spirit of God, may God be praised in all I do today.