Letters of Endorsement

Joyce Magee

READ : 2 Corinthians 3:1-3

You are an open letter about Christ . . . (v. 3 Phillips)

As a child the coming of the mailman was a big event. I longed for a letter from a friend. Letters seemed to bring friends close even though they were far away. When we went overseas as missionaries, letters were the main link with our parents and loved ones. The manner of writing and the subject matter revealed how things were at home. We even learned a lot about our parents through their letters, things that we may have missed in face-to-face contact.

Paul says that we are an open letter about Christ. Others “read” about Jesus through the things we do and say. As living letters, written by the Spirit of God, we should reveal God’s love and holiness. The words we say may be important, but what’s read between the lines often leaves the strongest impression. Through our kindness and love, may we bring “good news” today to those who are looking for a letter from “Home.”


God of Glory, may my life reveal you to those I meet today and may they receive your presence in faith and love.