Why Am I Alive?

Larry McAuley

READ : 2 Corinthians 5:14-15

Those who live should no longer live for themselves . . . (v. 15 niv)

We have friends here in Malawi whose hearts are as big as the African continent. They are forever taking in abandoned and hopeless orphans. One lad they rescued from a life of digging through garbage heaps. They took him into their home and hearts. Can you imagine the joy that boy must have known to be clean, clothed, loved, and fed for the first time in his life?

Yet the boy soon took off with household things and disappeared. You can imagine how that made our friends feel. Do you ever wonder how God must feel when we pay him back like that for all he has done for us? God has rescued us. He has given us far more than house and home and love. Jesus himself, God’s own Son, died in your place and mine to pay the awful price we owed for our sins.

The reason we are alive is to eternally express our gratitude to him in the way we live. We are alive to shout from the rooftops what Jesus has done for us! Because Jesus died for us and now lives for us, we are alive to make him proud of us!


Thank you so much, Jesus, for dying for us that we might live for you!