Brand New!

Larry McAuley

READ : 2 Corinthians 5:16-17

The old has gone, the new has come! (v. 17 niv)

Christmas wasn’t all that many days ago. Now the New Year has come and gone. But our thoughts may still linger on those new things that we got for Christmas or at after-Christmas sales. We still think now and then about the newness of the new year.

Paul tells us about another kind of newness in today’s Scripture passage. If we are “in Christ”-that is, trusting him alone for forgiveness, a right standing with God, and eternal security-then we are made new.

This kind of spiritual newness is not like a makeover where applying makeup and getting a new hairdo gives someone a new look. It’s not like remodeling your house or giving your car a paint job. Rather, the newness Paul describes is the same kind as when God created the world-something brand new that never before existed.

This kind of newness comes when God creates in us a new heart, a heart that yearns to know him better, to be more like Jesus, and to be more yielded to the Holy Spirit. This newness continues being new because it is a newness started, maintained, and carried to completion by Jesus, the Creator.


Thank you so much, dear Jesus, for making me a new person, the best possible “me” this world has ever seen!