Missed Opportunity

Larry McAuley

READ : 2 Corinthians 6:1-2

I tell you, now is the time . . . (v. 2 niv)

How many times have you kicked yourself for missing a golden opportunity? A moment ripe for reconciling with a neighbor-and you let it pass? An opportunity to spread your wings in a new job-and you were scared of flying? A searching question by a troubled friend-and you answered with an empty clich??

Today’s reading places before us an opportunity that demands a timely response. There is a sense of urgency in this passage. The Holy Spirit inspired Paul to write it that way for a reason.

God pours out his grace (undeserved, free gifts) on us every day, all the time-the air we breathe, the relationships we enjoy, the brightness of a new day. How often we take these things (and so much more) for granted never thinking to thank God.

But there is far more at stake here than missing an opportunity to be thankful for God’s free gifts. It is in the context of God’s giving, caring, and providing that we are urged to commit our entire lives to Christ’s salvation. Now (in the context of your need and his provision) is the acceptable time for you to respond in faithful trust to his freely-offered gift of life.


O dear Jesus, I fly to you, my hope, my life!