The One True God

David Zomer

READ : 2 Corinthians 11:1-6

If someone comes and proclaims another Jesus . . . (v. 4)

Working for the past seven years at the Hungarian Reformed Church’s Christian university in Budapest has brought many Hungarian young people into our lives. We have seen too often the pain their families have suffered under communism for being believers in the one true God.

With the departure of the Soviet army in 1991, these young people had a choice for the first time in their lives as to what and in whom they wanted to believe. They could even choose to distance themselves from the pain of their families’ faith. It is not surprising in this context that many cults and sects have poured into Hungary to fill the resulting religious vacuum. Hungary has the largest Hare Krishna centers in all of Europe!

Our young people are seeking. Yet, many of our students don’t heed Paul’s words. Often they fall for false promises and false prophets! The very essence of Christianity becomes watered down in a materialistic society. Often in our own lives, we want a quick answer, a quick fix, and something to make us instantly happy. As Paul implicitly warns here, we too must refuse to submit to “another Jesus” or “a different spirit” or “a different gospel,” lest we be deceived and lead astray.


You are the only true God, Lord. Remind me of your truths in a world of falsehood daily.