Your Fault, My Fault

David Zomer

READ : 2 Corinthians 12:11

I have made a fool of myself but you drove me to it. (v. 11 niv)

How often have we “been made a fool of”? How often are we so concerned with our reputation that we totally forget we are simply representatives of Christ on earth?

One of the most challenging tasks for my wife and me is to teach our children to accept blame. Too many times, we hear “He hit me, I didn’t do anything!” Or, “The lamp fell over by itself!” When we can get one child to admit the “I” involved in the action (e.g., “I pushed the chair and it hit the lamp!”) we feel like we have gotten somewhere.

In this passage, Paul uses some biting satire in addressing the believers in Corinth and specifically the church leaders there. Later in chapters 12 and 13, he reminds them that they must accept responsibility for their own actions (12:21), exhorting them to examine themselves and do what is right (13:5?7). They must respond with “I.” Likewise, when we do wrong we must not look for scapegoats.

Examine your life. Do you respond with “I” or do you prefer to speak of a third person? If we listen to God in our lives, we have no fear of accepting responsibility.


Christ Jesus, help me to keep the focus on you and not me. Remind me of your power, not mine.