Trust and Don't Be Afraid

Helen Hofman

READ : Psalm 34:1-10

He delivered me from all my fears. (v. 4 niv)

I was in a hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, scheduled to have another lump removed from one of my breasts. Each previous growth had been benign, but as I prayed, I felt sure this one would be malignant.

We had three small children. As I asked God to spare me to raise our children and be Sam’s wife, God reminded me of missionary friends whose wives had died of cancer. He reminded me that he had given them second wives who cared for them and raised their children. I told God that I wanted to be the wife and mother of my family.

As I prayed, God said to me: “Helen, I love you so much that I sent my only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for you. Can’t you trust me to care for your family if I call you home?”

I wept and said, “Yes, Lord, I will trust you. Do what is best.”

I then felt the warmth of God’s love wrap around me, just like I often wrapped my children in their favorite blanket. God’s peace filled my heart.

I did have cancer and had a mastectomy. But I also have had the joy of watching our children mature, and we have celebrated our forty-fifth wedding anniversary. How I thank God for his goodness!

-Helen Hofman


Father, thank you for freeing me of all my fears.