God Frees the Tojolabal Christians

Helen Hofman

READ : Psalm 91

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. (v. 11 niv)

The nine Christian Tojolabal men fled their village of Saltillo because the non-Christian majority threatened to kill them. They went into hiding in the nearby Mexican town of Las Margaritas. One day three of them went to a creek to bathe. They did not know that the men from Saltillo were searching for them. They were captured and taken back to the jail in Saltillo.

There they were stripped, beaten, and thrown into the mud-floored jail. No one was permitted to bring food to them. Two of the men’s wives fled to Las Margaritas to tell the Christians there and to ask for prayer. Everyone prayed that their fellow believers would be released.

The local judge had been bribed; he refused to free the prisoners. The Christians increased their praying and fasting. No one knew how God would move. On the fourth day, the Las Margaritas town president replaced the corrupt judge. The new judge ordered the people of Saltillo to free the three prisoners.

God prompted the town president to take steps which freed the Christian Tojolabals. What a celebration of praise and thanksgiving was held by the Christians in Saltillo and in Las Margaritas!

-Helen Hofman


Thank you, God, that you answer our calls for help. You are with those in trouble and you deliver them.