Heaven-sent Wisdom

Helen Hofman

READ : Leviticus 19:18b
James 3:13-18

The wisdom that comes from heaven is . . . considerate, submissive, full of mercy. (v. 17 niv)

Calixto and Maria had been childless for years. Calixto’s single sister lived with them. Maria and Calixto had talked of adopting a child, but there had been no opportunity. The three adults lived a quiet but contented life.

Then one day when Maria went outside at dawn, she saw a wiggling, cloth-wrapped bundle outside their door. It was a newborn infant. Someone had given birth during the night and had left the baby at Maria’s door.

As Maria held the newborn, her first response was: “This is the child we have always wanted.” But then she thought further. She realized that if she and her husband kept the child, there would be gossip. People would assume it was the illegitimate child of her sister-in-law.

After talking it over, the three of them took the baby to the church leaders for placement in the home of another childless couple.

“We don’t want our sister to be accused of immoral behavior,” they explained to the elders. “Although we would love to keep this child as our own, it is more important that we do not bring pain to our sister.”

-Helen Hofman


Father Almighty, help us to put the well-being of others before our own desires.