God Plays No Favorites

John Koedyker

READ : Galatians 2:1-10

God shows no partiality. (v. 6)

Have you ever faced a big meeting to go to which you were very nervous about, maybe with your boss or an important client? You dreaded the meeting because you knew that some tough decisions had to be made.

Paul had just such a meeting in Jerusalem with the leaders of the church there. You can feel the tension as he relives that meeting in these verses. Difficult meeting though it was, a huge ministry decision was made. Henceforth, Paul would go with the gospel to the Gentiles, and Peter and James would go to the Jews. This would prove that God plays no favorites. The gospel is for all – Jew and Gentile, circumcised and uncircumcised, slave or free.

A missionary who had been approached by a beggar gave the man a coin and a gospel tract in his native language. Later someone said, “You shouldn’t have wasted that tract on that man. He’ll never believe. He’s a Hindu.” But the beggar read the tract. In fact, he asked for another, and then he asked for a Bible. Shortly after that, he was baptized. It is true that God plays no favorites. Our task is simply to scatter the seeds of the gospel wherever we go. Don’t discount anyone!


Lord, I don’t know who I will meet today. But whoever that may be, use me as your faithful witness. Amen.