Upon Him

Rob Bentz

READ : Ezra 7

For the hand of the Lord his God was upon him. (v. 6)

Have you ever met a person you knew had God’s hand upon him? I have. I used to work with one. I have no doubt that the Spirit of God dwells within this man. He loves Jesus. He knows the Scriptures. He applies the truth of God’s Word to his life with great effectiveness. God has used this humble man to launch a powerful Christian publishing ministry. He is Christlike in his way with people, he’s honest and respectful, loving and forgiving. God’s hand is upon this man.

Ezra was the same kind of man. He was honest. He was faithful in his own obedience to the Law of the Lord, as well as faithful in teaching that Law to his fellow Jews in Jerusalem. Ezra’s whole life was centered on the Word of God. Because of this, God used this faithful scribe to bring about the spiritual renewal of his people. Specifically, Ezra called his fellow Jews to repentance and faith, which at that time required renewing their family life by only marrying within the faith.

Ezra’s life exemplifies how a godly man can be used to do mighty things for the kingdom. Ezra knew the Word, taught the Word, and faithfully followed the Word. God had his powerful hand upon Ezra.


Lord, place your hand upon my life and use me for the development of your kingdom.