Are You Concerned?

Rob Bentz

READ : Nehemiah 1

I now pray before you . . . confessing the sins of the people of Israel. (v. 6)

Do you find the morality of the church – men and women who profess to know Jesus Christ – to be on a downward spiral? Are you grieved? What can you do about it?

Heartfelt concern for God’s people is not a new thing. Nehemiah was deeply concerned. The nation of Israel had returned to the city of Jerusalem after being held captive by the Babylonians. Yet things were not right. The gates were in ruins. The people were in crisis. The city was in shambles. God’s favored nation was a mess!

Nehemiah responded the only way he knew how: he got on his knees and repented for the sins of his people. He also asked God to forgive his personal sins.

We have a similar responsibility. Like Nehemiah, our concern for God’s people should drive us to our knees in repentance for the sins of the church. We should humbly seek the God who keeps his covenant and plead for his mercy.

Confessing the sins of an entire people is not merely the task of the godly leaders of the Old Testament. God’s desire for the obedience and faithfulness of his covenant people remains the same today. As Christians, each of us should confess the sins of the church regularly.


Lord, have mercy on your people, for we have sinned.