The Healthy Disciple Manages Life Wisely and Accountably

Steve Macchia

READ : John 9:1-12

As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. (v. 4 NIV)

Trait Eight: The healthy disciple develops personal life management skills and lives within a web of accountable relationships.

Stress is the word of our time. Everyone I know understands what the word means, because they embody the word in their lifestyle. Activities, responsibilities, relationships, to-do lists, and taking care of our “stuff” seem to preoccupy our every waking moment. Gone are the slow days of sauntering through life. Fast pace is here to stay.

Life management skills are needed now more than ever. They begin with knowing our personal mission and focus. They grow from there into defining our key relationships and specific responsibilities. They lead to a deep, internal understanding of what to say yes to and when to say no. All of this within a framework of accountable friendships, trusted confidantes who will help us maintain our God-defined priorities.

Tackling this trait of discipleship health is critical to our well-being. Otherwise, life will continue as a hectic treadmill, and we won’t ever jump off to assess our direction. Pray today for a fresh vision for your overstressed life. Seek a life balanced in wisdom (intellectual health), stature (physical health), favor with God (spiritual health) and favor with others (relational health) (Luke 2:52).


Father, please help me choose wisely whatever will best serve the interests of your kingdom.