The Belgic Confession

Leanne VanDyk

READ : Romans 8:38-39

I am not ashamed of the gospel. (Rom. 1:16)

The Belgic Confession was written more than 400 years ago by Guido de Bres, a Belgian Christian. Spain’s powerful armies occupied his country at that time. Even though it might cost him his life, he was convinced that he should speak out in protest. One of the ways that Spain controlled the people was to insist that everyone worship according to the faith of the Roman Catholic Church. But the people in Belgium and the Netherlands had been deeply impacted by the Reformation. They wanted to practice their Reformed faith.

So, Guido de Bres wrote a confession of faith. He wanted to give his fellow believers a summary of the faith that would encourage them in the dangerous times in which they lived.

Guido de Bres was soon arrested and imprisoned for treason to the crown. He was sentenced to be executed by hanging. He was one of many hundreds of thousands of Christians, both Protestants and Catholics, who died in that terrible century of religious wars that raged across the European continent. This confession of faith is worth our careful reflection because it speaks the faith to us in words of calm conviction from a time of great hardship.


Prayer: God of strength and calm, be with us even in times of great difficulty and danger. Thank you for people of courage that help us find the words to express our faith. Amen.