Leanne VanDyk

READ : Psalm 19:1-4

The heavens are telling the glory of God. (v. 1)

Read: Belgic Confession, Articles 2-7

Apparently, God likes to communicate. God naturally overflows with so much love and grace and mercy that God just can’t help but communicate with us. The Belgic Confession says that God communicates primarily in two ways.

First, God communicates to us in creation. There is a charming metaphor here in Article 2. Imagine the universe as a beautiful book. Look around you! All the creatures – the mountains, the tiny flowers, the soaring birds – are like the letters in the book. Everything you look at should be like reading about the great power and creative imagination of our God. Everything proclaims the glory of God.

Second, God communicates to us in Scripture. Article 2 says that the Bible is a clearer revelation than creation. This is because the Bible reveals Jesus Christ.

Even though the Bible is often challenging, the Belgic Confession says that it gives us “as much as we need in this life.” Some things are still hidden from us. This means that we must diligently study Scripture, pray for understanding, and be patient when our questions do not have quick and easy answers. The day will come when all things will be made clear.


Thank you for revealing yourself so graciously to us, O God. Thank you for revelation that we can receive and understand by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.