Leanne VanDyk

READ : Matthew 10:29-31

My times are in your hand. (Ps. 31:15)

Read: Belgic Confession, Article 13

The Belgic Confession was written by a man who had to learn to practice what he preached. Guido de Bres wrote this confession of faith when his country was occupied by foreign rulers. Eventually, he was arrested for religious agitation. From prison, he wrote his wife a letter: “My dear and well beloved wife in our Lord Jesus, I most earnestly pray you not be grieved beyond measure . . . If the Lord had wished us to live together longer, He could easily have caused it so to be. But such was not His pleasure. Let His good will be done then, and let that suffice . . .”

In this poignant letter, Guido de Bres is expressing Christian confidence in God’s providence. Christians believe that God continues to care for us even when suffering comes our way. We know that our knowledge of God’s will is limited. And we know that God’s love for us is sure. So, we try our best to rest secure in the goodness of God’s plan for our lives, even when that plan includes suffering and loss. And together with all God’s people we look forward to the day when all tears will be wiped away and all sorrow will come to an end.


When we walk in the shadow of death, O God, it is hard to trust that all will be well. Be present then with your comfort and care. Amen.