Whose Wife Will She Be?

Lou Lotz

READ : Matthew 22:23-33

Whose wife of the seven will she be? (v. 28)

Whose wife will she be? It’s a multiple choice question, and there are only two answers: A or B.

Answer A: “She will be the wife of one of the seven brothers.” But Jesus can’t choose one brother, because the woman was equally the wife of all seven. This leaves only Answer B: “I don’t know.” The woman cannot be the wife of one brother, yet neither can she be the wife of all seven. This is what the Sadducees want to hear Jesus say. They want to reduce the resurrection to an absurdity.

Both A and B are unacceptable choices. So Jesus picks C. He doesn’t answer the question; he challenges the question. Contained in the question are the assumptions of the questioners, and Jesus challenges those assumptions.

We are like the Sadducees. So many of our questions are confining and narrow. Why did this tragedy occur – is it A or B, this or that? When we ask such questions we are assuming that the answers can be woven out of earthly categories. That’s not always true. The bad news is that sometimes neither A nor B is correct. The good news is that on the other side of our questions there is a God who has for us a future more redemptive than we can imagine.


Thank you, Lord, that knowing you is better than having all the answers.