A Whole New World

Lou Lotz

READ : Matthew 28:1-10

He is not here; for he has been raised. (v. 6)

Let this truth percolate into your head: Christ is risen. The Jesus we read about in the Gospels is alive. He is not a sacred memory, but a living Lord. When the meaning of the resurrection grabs hold of you it shakes you like an earthquake, and nothing is ever the same again.

God does on Easter, in invading the tomb, the same thing God does on Christmas, in entering the virgin’s womb. God does what cannot be done. God makes a way when there is no way. It’s as though God is shouting to the world: “I’m shaking things up! Nothing is ever going to be the same again!”

In China in the 1950s there was a tremendous earthquake. Huge boulders on a mountainside were dislodged, revealing long-hidden caves containing a collection of artifacts from a thousand years ago. A whole new world suddenly became visible.

On Easter Sunday, when the earth shook, and the huge stone was rolled back from the door of the tomb, we got our first glimpse of a whole new world, a world where God makes a way when there is no way, and where death no longer has the last word.

Say it out loud: He is risen. Death has been defeated. Nothing will ever be the same again.


Hallelujah! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!