Living for Two

Lou Lotz

READ : Matthew 27:15-21

So [Pilate] released Barabbas . . . and handed [Jesus] over to be crucified. (v. 26)

Adlai Stevenson was the governor of Illinois, and twice the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. His biographers trace his passion for public service to a childhood tragedy. When he was a teenager, Adlai Stevenson accidentally shot and killed another child. Stevenson came to feel that somehow his life had to be an atonement for what he had done. He once remarked, “I always felt that I had to live for two.”

Given the choice between releasing Barabbas or Jesus, the crowd picked Barabbas. What did Barabbas think when the Roman soldiers came to his cell on death row and let him loose? How did he feel, later on, when he looked up at Jesus on the cross? Oh, I think Barabbas was there, all right. The hill where Jesus was crucified is just a short walk from Jerusalem. Wouldn’t you have gone to see the man who was crucified in your place?

I wonder what happened to Barabbas. Perhaps he returned to his life of crime. Or maybe he felt that because of what had happened he now had to live for two; he had to live for Christ, since Christ had died for him. Christ died for you, too. Are you living for two?


Lord, I no longer want to live alone; I want Christ living in me.