Sabbath: Who Needs It?

Daniel Denk

READ : Genesis 1:31
Genesis 2:1-3

And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy. (Gen. 2:3 NIV)

Try to picture a world without Sabbath, a world of endless days of work, a life of drudgery, a humdrum existence. This is a world without God. Who would want to live in such a world? Yet we often unnecessarily subject ourselves to this kind of sad and meaningless existence when we ignore God’s invitation to rest. Implicitly God is saying to us, “You are my child, you don’t have to live that way.”

The Sabbath offers us a sense of completion. After the sixth day, God stopped and considered his work of creation. He concluded that it was “very good” (Gen. 1:31). As men and women made in his image, he also invites us to stop, and reflect, and appreciate the work of our hands (or minds, as the case may be). God giving us an opportunity to stop and look back is what elevates our labor beyond mere toil. We can give thanks to the God who made us with the ability to express creative work. Gratitude is an important part of Sabbath. Unlike God’s work, our work will not be perfect, but it can be good. We can come to the end of a day, or six days, and say, “This was good work, thank God.”


Thank you, Lord, for your good gift of Sabbath.