Sabbath: Refreshment for Our Souls

Daniel Denk

READ : Genesis 2:2-3
Exodus 23:12

But on the seventh day do not work . . . so that [they] may be refreshed. (Exod. 23:12 NIV)

God made us with a need for rest, physical and emotional rest. We can fight it, ignore it, or avoid it, but if we do, we will pay the price.

As our society has changed from an agricultural/industrial society to an information/technology society, our experience has changed from hard work to stressful work. Consequently, the Sabbath has become different things to different people. For some working in people-intensive jobs, it may include reading a book, woodworking, or gardening. For others, the Sabbath may seem like a pit stop in the Indy 500 where the race cars zoom in to be refueled, jacked up, tires changed, and pushed back out into the race. But Sabbath is much more than recuperation and resuscitation to send us back out into the rat race of work.

In the Sabbath we discover God’s shalom: a sense of wholeness and peace with ourselves and our standing with God. We can reflect on where God has brought us thus far and where he may be leading us in the future. This is why when the Lord invites us to the Sabbath he says, “Then you will find your joy in the Lord, and I will cause you to ride on the heights of the land” (Isa. 58:14).


Thank you, Lord, for the invitation to enter your rest.