A Road Map

Michael Wilcock

READ : Psalm 119:41-48

I will walk about in freedom. (v. 45 NIV)

Psalm 119 uses eight different terms for God’s Word. This is the first section to include all of them. What a many-faceted thing the law of the Lord is! There is no aspect of life that it does not touch on.

Another feature of our present section backs this up. Waw, the letter W, is the Hebrew word for “and.” The psalmist begins every one of these verses with it (though you can’t tell this from most English translations). By doing so he underlines the great truth that all the facets of the Word of God belong together. You can’t have any one of them without finding that all the rest are linked with it. You can’t believe some and reject others.

Not surprisingly, there are people to whom this complex network of divine law seems like a cage, which prevents their going places. Rather, they ought to regard it as a road map, which does the exact opposite: it actually enables them to go places. It is not restricting, but liberating.

How good to know the Word of God in this way. There is no one who would not be better off for having such a guide to life. It is something worth talking about even to those who taunt us (v. 42) and those who daunt us (v. 46)!


I praise you, Lord, for your Word. May it guide me through all my life.