A Kaleidoscope

Michael Wilcock

READ : Psalm 119:161-168

I love your law. (v. 163 NIV)

Almost from start to finish, this psalm is prayer, since practically every verse of it is addressed to God. And almost every verse refers to the Word that God addresses to us.

In this last section but one, God’s Word is not just mentioned repeatedly; it is actually what all eight verses are about. They are a kind of kaleidoscope of the effects the Word has on one who knows it well. Think about each in turn, and compare the psalmist’s experience of the Word of God with your own.

For a start, has God’s Word ever frightened you – even more than the threat of persecution might? Or, conversely, have you ever found yourself rejoicing over its untold treasures? Does it evoke in you love for one kind of thing and hatred for another? Or move you to day-long praise? Does it give you peace and courage, or a sense of eager expectancy, or a great desire to obey a law that seems to know you inside out?

As in earlier parts of the psalm, the name of David comes to mind as one to whom God spoke repeatedly and aptly through an eventful life packed with a huge variety of experience. Give it half a chance, and God’s Word will do extraordinary things for you, too.


Lord, let your Word do its work in my life.