The True Wealth of Nations

Steven Bouma-Prediger

READ : Revelation 21:22-27

People will bring into it the glory and honor of the nations. (v. 26)

How would you describe your favorite city? What is it famous for? What places do people frequent? What traditions mark its year? From where does it get its light, water, food? What are its inhabitants like?

John describes for us no typical city. This city, the new Jerusalem, is in many ways unusual. It comes down out of heaven. It is a cube, symbolizing perfection. It is filled with God’s glory, radiant like jasper, so it needs no sun or moon for light. Its lamp is the Lamb that was slain and who now reigns as Lord. Its gates never close. A most unusual city.

And the rulers of the earth bring their glory into this city, as do people of all kinds – the glory and honor of the nations. The great vision of Isaiah 60 comes to life. All that is good and whole belongs to this luminous city. Vegetables grown with tender care. Animals raised with lifelong love. Canoes crafted with venerable skill. Tales laced with wit and wisdom. Swords shaped into peaceful plowshares. All this and more, cascading like a mountain stream into this marvelous city. The true wealth of nations.


Fill us with this vision, O Lord, of a city full of our gifts and filled with your glory, that we may live wisely.