A Letter

Jack Roeda

READ : 2 Corinthians 3:1-6

You are a letter of Christ . . . written . . . with the Spirit . . . (v. 3)

Paul’s relationship with the church in Corinth was so strained that he wonders whether he needs letters of recommendation. Yet they themselves were such letters, written by Christ through the Spirit on their hearts. Their very existence as believers in Jesus proved the authenticity of Paul’s apostleship.

Being a letter of Christ, even a messy letter like the Corinthians, is a great privilege. Letters contain the thoughts of the writer. Some letters are casual; we dash off a note, send a quick email, it’s a small matter. However, other times we take more time to write letters of greater importance; we ponder each phrase as we describe how we feel. We put our minds and hearts on paper.

As Christ’s letter, we’re not something he’s dashed off. Into each of us he wants to engrave his mind, reveal what’s on his heart. Such “writing” commends the mentors who taught us to become authentic instruments in Christ’s hands.

We may not be perfect letters – human hearts are notoriously difficult writing material – but we are his letters. And we are an open letter for all to read, “written . . . on tablets of human hearts.”


Lord Jesus, may our lives not hide what you have revealed to our hearts. Amen.