Easy Access

Jack Roeda

READ : 2 Corinthians 6:3-13

We are putting no obstacles in anyone’s way . . . (v. 3)

In this letter, Paul repeatedly stresses the importance of leading lives that are worthy of the Lord. Paul himself takes great care to make his words credible by behaving in a manner that will reflect well on Christ.

Of course as an excuse for unbelief, the miserable performance of others has its limits. If you decide after hearing a poor violinist play a Bach sonata that Bach is a third rate composer, everyone would rightly think you’re foolish. The performance heard would give you no measure of the genius of Bach. To make a fair judgment you would have to study Bach yourself, or listen to an Itzhak Perlman play his music.

The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once commented, “Blame me – I do that myself – but not the path I tread . . . If I know the road home and go along it drunk, staggering from side to side – does that make the road along which I go the wrong one?”

Of course, this is no excuse for believers to live morally shoddy lives. Indeed, our lives should make the Christian faith more attractive to others. This requires not perfection, but a humble spirit expressed in lives that are generous, full of gratitude, and graceful under pressure.


Dear God, may all who know us find easy access to Jesus Christ through us. Amen.