The True Exodus

Michael Wilcock

READ : Luke 9:28-36

His departure, which he was about to accomplish at Jerusalem . . . (v. 31)

Most of us can look back on an experience – a career move, marriage, a chance meeting – which has huge significance for us, because without it we would not be what we are today. This is as true of nations as it is of individuals. Every Israelite in Old Testament days looked back to the exodus from Egypt as the event that brought the nation of Israel into being. There God rescued his people from a disastrous situation, and opened up before them a whole new life.

The story is equally significant for God’s people today because we too look back to just such a new beginning. When on the Mount of Transfiguration Jesus was revealed as he truly is, he was speaking with Moses and Elijah about his imminent death on the cross. It was no accident that he called it “his departure (literally, his exodus) which he was about to accomplish at Jerusalem.” Christians look back to the crucifixion as the event which rescued them from an old life and opened up a new one before them. As Jesus is the true bread and the true vine, so his death is the true exodus, ever to be recalled with thanksgiving.


Master, it is good for us to be here.