God at Work in an Evil World

Michael Wilcock

READ : Acts 7:17-22

Moses . . . was no ordinary child. (v. 20 NIV)

The Jewish authorities were furious with Stephen. He seemed to be attacking everything they held dear, especially the importance of the Jerusalem temple as the only place where God could truly be worshiped. The inspired sermon that he preached at his trial confirmed their worst suspicions. But it was of their own history that he was reminding them. In today’s verses, he takes us back to the point in that story where Moses first appears in it. A long way away from Jerusalem, in a foreign land where quite different gods seemed to rule, the God of Israel was at work.

God saw to it that the baby was not only kept safe when many others perished, but also given a secure and privileged upbringing. The very people who were doing their worst to destroy Israel gave of their best to train and educate the one who would be Israel’s liberator. God planned it all. There, in the most unlikely circumstances, he was pursuing his rescue strategy, and using Egypt’s own resources for its own eventual defeat. There, then, as everywhere and always, he was sovereignly at work.


We praise you, Lord, that nowhere in this world is so evil as to be outside your control.