Bad from the Beginning

Michael Wilcock

READ : Psalm 106:6-7

Our ancestors . . . in Egypt . . . rebelled against the Most High. (v. 7)

Sloppy thinking is one of the hallmarks of our society. For example, in the matter of deserving: “She didn’t deserve to suffer like that.” (How do you know?) “Treat yourself to the vacation you deserve.” (What makes you think that?) Israel in Egypt was no different. “We don’t deserve slavery,” they would have said, “We do deserve rescue.”

Wrong on both counts. The next 40 years traveling to the Promised Land would show how many Israelites would have preferred not to be brought out of Egypt, and certainly didn’t deserve to be. The account of the exodus in Psalm 106 is an extended, cold hard look at their rebelliousness. Even before they crossed the Red Sea they were complaining, and we have already seen an unwillingness to recognize Moses as the chosen liberator. You’d think they would be thrilled at the prospect of being freed from slavery – they had certainly complained enough about that! But no. What God was giving them was a new start which they neither appreciated nor deserved.

We all need to recognize that we are by nature undeserving sinners, rebels against God, and that he loves us not because of our goodness but in spite of our badness.


Thought: When we were still sinners Christ died for us.