The Passover

Michael Wilcock

READ : Exodus 12:1-13

Your lamb . . . without blemish. (v. 5)

When I was ordained in the Church of England, it was to a ministry of the Word and the Sacrament. Many of those ordained with me saw the latter as much the more important of the two. My view was different, and today’s reading relates to it.

Not only the exodus story as a whole, but also the Passover in particular, has to do with the death of Jesus. His crucifixion was both “Christ our passover” being sacrificed for us (1 Cor. 5:7 KJV) and the “exodus” that he accomplished at Jerusalem. The central event is the death of the Lamb, to which every subsequent Passover recalled the Old Testament church, and to which every communion service recalls us. The longer story illustrates the many ramifications of that death: why it was necessary, what led up to it, what it meant, what followed from it – its implications and applications. These are what a wide-ranging ministry of the Word should address.

How God’s people need that Word faithfully preached, in order to live a life that pleases him! And how they need the repeated reminder of “the wondrous cross” through which alone that life can be theirs!


Teach us, Lord, to value the means of grace that make your truth real to us.