Living Words

Michael Wilcock

READ : Acts 7:35-38

Moses who . . . received living oracles to give to us. (vv. 37-38)

There is a blank page three-fifths of the way through my Bible. It serves as a reminder of the gap of many years between Malachi and Matthew. There are differences between the two Testaments. But they ought never to be separated; and a striking word in today’s verses points to one of the ways in which they speak with a single voice – the word living.

People who don’t understand how the Bible’s two parts hang together will often say that the Old Testament is outdated. No doubt it contains interesting things, but generally its teachings are nowadays a dead letter. Such people will accept the New Testament, however, because that is about Jesus, and he is the living Word, isn’t he?

Well, listen to what the New Testament itself says about that meeting between Israel and God at Mount Sinai. Thunder and lightning, a terrifying God, a barrage of “Thou shalt nots,” keep your distance or you perish – yes, all of that. Yet there Moses was actually receiving “living oracles to give to us.” Even the Law was a word of life, when embraced by a redeemed people. Today’s reading encourages us to see that every part of Scripture is alive with spiritual power.


Teach us to expect some reviving touch wherever we open God’s Word.