Keep Me Shining

Michael Wilcock

READ : 2 Corinthians 3:7-18

All of us . . . seeing the glory of the Lord . . . are being transformed into the same image. (v. 18)

My bedside clock tells me the time at night not by the glow of an LED (light-emitting diode) display, but by two good old-fashioned luminous hands. Their phosphorescence is sending back the light they earlier absorbed from some other source.

The encounter on the mountain top with the living God and his “living words” had just such an effect on Moses. His face shone, and everyone could see it.

In today’s reading Paul is writing about the Exodus story. What he says concerning the veil with which Moses covered his face is not at all easy to understand, but the point of his closing verses is plain. The special privilege given to Moses is now available to all God’s people. As we come close to God, something of his light is transmitted to us, and others can see it.

Like my clock, Christians have no light of their own, and in this life can never shine as brightly as the original light source. But unlike my clock, they are becoming more and more like it “from one degree of glory to another” as they get to know God and his Word better day by day.


Keep me shining, Lord, that the world may see Christ lives in me.