What in the World Is God Doing?

Carol Moerman

READ : Isaiah 43:1-7

. . . whom I created for my glory. (v. 7 NIV)

Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life has impacted thousands of people in recent years. One of my favorite lines is the opening chapter’s “It’s not about you.”

For many that comes as a shock. The world says it is about you – commercials cry out, “You deserve a break today;” “Have it your way;” “It’s all about you.”

In the past I have seen my faith through the lens of it being all about me – my need for forgiveness, my salvation, my relationship with God. Jeff Lewis, in God’s Heart for the Nations, boldly claims, “God’s passion for his Name and for his glory is the supreme reason for his actions in the world. This does not lessen the fact that he loves us; in fact it strengthens the concept of his love for us.” In Romans 15:8-9, Paul declares that “Christ became a servant to the Jews . . . that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy“ (NIV).

Worship is our response to the mercy of God. God has created us to glorify him! It’s not about us – it’s all about him!


Lord God, fill me with the knowledge of your will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that I might live a life worthy of you, pleasing in every way (Col. 1:9).