Compassion in Action

Carol Moerman

READ : Matthew 5:13-16

. . . that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. (v. 16 NIV)

Have you ever fought a nagging feeling that the church has lost its relevance? I was heartened this week to read the reflections of CBC reporter Brian Stewart, who has been covering disasters for decades: “I’ve never reached a war zone, or famine group or crisis anywhere where some church organization was not there long before me – sturdy, remarkable souls, usually too kind to ask, “What took you so long?”

In fact Stewart credits the reality of Christian compassion continuing on in the darkest places, long after the media and celebrities were gone, with drawing him back to faith in Christ. Whether saving children from life on the garbage dumps of Cairo, helping Sudanese refugees flee modern slave traders, or getting addicts and prostitutes off the streets right here in Vancouver, Christians are mobilizing those who care, and serve as a faithful witness to the truth.

C. S. Lewis wrote of a “good infection” – Christian compassion at work, that infects those around them, even unbelievers, with a sense of Christ’s deep mystery and life-transforming power. Stewart testifies, “I’ve felt it. It changes the world – still.”

Your good works, whether hidden or public, bring glory to God.


May all of my life point people to you, Lord Jesus.