Compelling Love

Carol Moerman

READ : 2 Corinthians 4:7-18

For Christ’s love compels us . . . (2 Cor. 5:14 NIV)

All mission effort to Africa prior to 1775 had totally failed, overcome by sickness and death. Yet by 1790, there was an almost suicidal stream of missionaries going to the continent. Could I willingly release my son or daughter to a foreign field knowing 19 out of 20 of those who had gone before had not survived two years? Yet today, Africa is nearly 50 percent Christian! Senders struggled with the burden of responsibility, until the Lord spoke: “You are not sending them. I am!”

God’s passion to see the nations embrace his Son knows no bounds! Today there are still many difficult people groups and fields, places dubbed “closed” to the gospel. Yet nothing is impossible for God! Many of those peoples are your neighbors! Canada received immigrants or refugees from 205 of the 237 nations/territories of the world last year. The mission field has come to us! We only need eyes to see the opportunities, and a willingness to extend ourselves in genuine friendship, to win the privilege of sharing Christ.

No matter what your gifts, God has a place for you to be involved in fulfilling his passion – to receive worship from all peoples of the earth.


May your name be praised in the heavens and your glory be over all the earth!