The Great Physician

Steve Macchia

READ : John 5:1-15

Do you want to get well? . . . Get up! Pick up your mat and walk. (vv. 6, 8 NIV)

Who wouldn’t want to get well? It’s a strange question indeed, but Jesus started with it to begin the physical and spiritual healing this invalid needed. If the man didn’t want to get well (because he was too worn down by suffering . . . too comfortable with his affliction . . . too dependent on the pity of others) then perhaps Jesus would not have healed him.

In mercy Jesus invites the man to pick up his mat and walk. Jesus the Great Physician touched this invalid after 38 years of suffering and brought about the joy of miraculous healing.

Eleven times over seventeen years we offered our son into the hands of surgeons as they tried everything possible to strengthen a weak tibia in his right leg. Each time we yearned and prayed for healing but it didn’t come until after the twelfth surgery. We have no idea why it took so long, but we claim his healing in the name of the Great Physician.

Trust him to heal you when and as he desires. Meanwhile, ask God to heal you spiritually so that you are his no matter what.


I trust you, Jesus, to heal my heart, and if it’s your will, to heal my body too.