The Giver of the Holy Spirit

Steve Macchia

READ : John 16:1-16

When he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. (v. 13 NIV)

Perhaps the saddest story related to the aftermath of the devastating tsunami in southeast Asia is the thousands of children left as orphans. Their villages, homes, and families were washed away with the overpowering waves that came crashing on shore. In one terrible instant these children’s lives were changed forever.

Jesus promised his disciples that he would not leave them as orphans (John 14:18). Out of great love for his disciples, Jesus pledged the gift of the Holy Spirit to be with them forever. Described as the Spirit of truth, the Spirit is ready to provide all that his role is intended—to comfort them in their loss, to convict them of their sin, and to guide them into all truth. In all of this the Spirit will bring glory to God.

We can be comforted in the reality of this promise as his disciples today. We will never be left as orphans. No matter the condition of our lives or the state of our circumstances, the Spirit has come to give us life and hope in all its abundance. As a result, our grief will be transformed into complete joy—now and for all eternity!


For the glory of your name, come Holy Spirit and make your empowering presence known to all of your children worldwide.