Choose Life

Michael Wittmer

READ : Deuteronomy 30:11-20

Choose life so that you and your descendants may live. (v. 19)

The theme of Deuteronomy is captured in the anti-abortion bumper sticker “Choose Life.” Like a teenage mother vacillating between terminating her unwanted pregnancy and bringing her unborn child into the world, Israel is poised in a decisive moment between life and death. And so are we.

It usually seems easier to choose death. Have the abortion and get on with your life. Run from the giants rather than enter the Promised Land. Give in to temptation and do as you please. Though easier, each of these paths leads to destruction!

The price of parenting is high, challenging giants can be daunting, and obeying God when we would rather do what we want is never easy. But that is precisely the point. In The Nature of Religious Affections, Jonathan Edwards argues that a sure sign of genuine faith is the difficulty of obedience. Hypocrites continually search for shortcuts, seeking maximum publicity for minimal effort. But true believers refuse to offer God an obedience that costs nothing. They obey God even, and especially, when it hurts.

Take a moment to choose right now. The decision to embrace life must be made each day. Why don’t you verbally renew your commitment to Christ? Then look for opportunities to prove your allegiance to him.


Prayer: Father, I choose you.