What Do You Feed a Church?

Lou Lotz

READ : Acts 2:37-42

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching . . . (v. 42)

“Mom, what do you feed a turtle?” The boy’s eyes sparkled as he held aloft the captive reptile, its green, scaly arms flailing in the air. Without realizing it, the boy had stated one of the fundamental principles of life: if it’s going to stay alive, it has to eat.

What do you feed a church? The early church fed on “teaching and fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayers.” Note that teaching is mentioned first. Christians feed on the teaching and preaching of God’s Word. Observers in Africa noted that songbirds were confused and bewildered by a solar eclipse. The birds tried to cram a full night of activity into the few minutes of darkness. They tried to sing their evening and morning songs in quick succession, and the two melodies got mixed up.

When God is in eclipse from humankind, a similar bewilderment takes place. Days and years run together without significance. Priorities get jumbled up. A woman told a friend that she was hungering for the presence of God. The friend patiently explained that God could be found everywhere. “I don’t want to find God everywhere,” said the woman, “I want to find God somewhere.” That somewhere is worship, where we feed on the teaching and preaching of God’s Word.


Father, give me a hunger for your Word.