Wandering Faith

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : Psalm 95:8-11

They shall not enter my rest. (v. 11)

Scholars tells us that to walk a straight line from Egypt to Israel should take a few weeks. Even factoring in thousands of men, women and children, animals, carts, and supplies, it might take a few months. Certainly not 40 years! Yet that’s how long it took the Israelites. Tragically, it wasn’t their legs that went astray—it was their hearts.

The writer of Psalm 95 reminds us of a critical incident along the Israelites journey of faith. The people were thirsty and demanded water from Moses (see Exod. 17:1-7). “We are going to die of thirst,” they grumbled. “Where is God?!” Faith in the Lord was gone. Angrily, the Lord renamed their location Meribah, meaning “quarreling,” and Massah, or “testing.”

For 40 years God loathed them (v. 10) and would not let them enter his rest. This “rest” was literal—the physical, promised land of Israel as well as metaphorical—spiritual “rest” found through obedient faith in God.

Sadly, many Christians today find themselves in this same place—unable to enter into his rest, unable to faithfully trust in him. What is your Meribah and Massah? What is he asking of you that brings a quarrel to your lips or hardness to your heart? In faith, let it go—that you might enter and know his rest.


Father, help us to find our heart’s true rest in you.