Idolatrous Dreams

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : Psalm 97

All worshipers of images are put to shame. (v. 7)

The set is shrouded in darkness except for the glow of hundreds of candles. Flickering flames dance on the stark, white walls. The camera focuses lovingly on the shiny, black luxury car enshrined in the luminous glow. The sultry rock ballad “Dream On” plays repetitiously in the background as a gorgeous, gown-clad woman sweeps into the room. The commercial’s intent is clear. “Buy this car” the message enticingly suggests “and the elusive dream becomes your reality!”

“All worshipers of images are put to shame,” the psalmist warned. You and I don’t fall down before stone idols, as the psalmist’s neighbors did, but what kind of images do we worship? What is your dream? Secular marketing experts know the answer. Our hearts are deceptively lured by things like cars; things that are bigger, better, flashier, and newer. Advertisers promise to satisfy the deep longings of our heart with objects, toys, tools, and fashion. The promises made by images, however, are all lies.

Only in placing Christ in the center of our lives is true satisfaction finally found. Everything else is a lie and ultimately leads to disappointment and shame. Only through the Lord are our hearts fulfilled. Through God alone our deepest thirsts can be quenched.


Father God—open our spiritual eyes!