Hezekiah's Heart

Tammy De Ruyter

READ : Psalm 98

With trumpets and . . . horn[s] make a joyful noise . . . for he has done marvelous things. (vv. 6, 1)

Phrases from Psalm 98 may sound familiar to you. “He will judge the world . . . with equity” (v. 9) resembles Psalm 96:10. And again, “make a joyful noise” (v. 4) is reiterated in Psalm 95:1. Another repeated theme in this series is the use of musical instruments and song to praise and worship God (see Psalms 92 and 95). This last idea of praising God in song and with instruments is found throughout much of the Old Testament. One great example is the story of Hezekiah.

Hezekiah became king of Israel at the age of 25 following his father, Ahaz, a vile and ungodly leader. In contrast, Hezekiah emulated his ancestor King David and did what was pleasing to the Lord. After purifying the temple in Olympic-record time, he holds a worship service. The congregation is assembled. Levites are positioned with instruments and everyone sings with great joy as they kneel and worship God (2 Chron. 29:30).

Hezekiah knew God as King over Israel. The writer of Psalm 98 knew God as King over all the earth. How much more we should rejoice! We know God for all eternity through Jesus Christ, our beloved Savior. He has indeed done marvelous things!


Lord, give us the heart of Hezekiah that we might joyfully praise you.