Daily Bread

Susan Medenblik Kooima

READ : Matthew 6:5-15

Give us this day our daily bread. (v. 11)

When is the last time you thanked God that your electricity and telephone work 24 hours a day or that your water is pure and safe when it comes from the tap? Perhaps you have never given these blessings serious thought, much less thanked God for them.

When I lived in Nigeria, I quickly learned that the kinds of things we North Americans take for granted are luxuries in the developing world. Electricity, telephone service, and water are the kinds of basic needs that Nigerians remember to ask and thank God for every day.

It is easy for North Americans to live as practical atheists. That is, we acknowledge intellectually that God exists but for all practical purposes often act as if he does not. We take our basic needs so for granted that we even forget to ask and thank God for “our daily bread.”

Next time you pray, remember to ask and thank the Lord for all your daily needs, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Nothing brings more pleasure to our Lord than when his children are wholly dependent on him.


Dear Lord, we are sorry that we often take for granted the blessings you provide every day. May we always remember to ask and thank you for all our daily needs. Amen.