Susan Medenblik Kooima

READ : John 6:1-15

Gather up the fragments left over, so that nothing may be lost. (v. 12)

How many bags of garbage do you put on your curb each week? One? Two? Maybe more? In Nigeria, many people are so poor that waste is a foreign concept. A jar, for instance, makes a great drinking glass, or a plastic bag can become a raincoat. Jesus urged against wastefulness after he fed the five thousand and told his disciples to clean up the leftover food. We do not know what they did with the leftovers, but we can be certain they did not go to waste.

North America is a society that promotes wastefulness. As Christians, we need not fall into this trap. Being mindful of our less affluent neighbors, we should thank God for what we have rather than always desiring more, and we should look for ways to recycle and reuse the items we already own. One way to do this is by finding organizations that can use our discarded items such as old clothes, eyeglasses, medical supplies, books, and even computers. By living more simply and less wastefully, we could have more to give to others.

We live in a consumer society that wastes much and needs to share more. Ask God to curb your wastefulness and to give you a spirit of generosity.


Dear Lord, help us to be content with less and to give more to those in need.