Got Faith?

Susan Medenblik Kooima

READ : Hebrews 11

This is what the ancients were commended for. (v. 2 niv)

I used to be unimpressed by Old Testament stories. Sunday school teachers would do their best to make the stories of Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob come alive, reading them with dramatic expression and showing how the faithfulness of these patriarchs facilitated Christ’s coming. But I always envisioned Old Testament characters with Bible in hand, reading their own story, and acting accordingly. It’s easy to be faithful, I figured, when a person can see the outcome of his or her actions.

Hebrews 11, however, assures us that the ancients did not have a blueprint for their lives. God commended them for their faith. The ancients played a necessary part in God’s great plan for this world, and they acted their role with faithfulness, even though they could not foresee the outcome of their actions.

You and I also play a role in God’s plan for the world, a plan that will culminate in Christ’s second coming. This is why our faithful response to God’s call is so important. Who knows where God may send you or how he will use you in the great redemptive drama of history? Have you got faith?


Dear Lord, we do not know what the future holds for us, but we pray that we may live each day with faith. Use our lives to fulfill your purposes. Amen.