Grace Alert

Trygve and Kristen Johnson

READ : Mark 13:32-37

And what I say to you I say to all: Keep awake. (v. 37)

How often do I feel like Peter, James, and John, who tried so hard to stay awake on the night of Jesus’ betrayal, as he asked them to, only to find themselves falling asleep—not once, but three times! With great intentions I arise early to contemplate the riches of God’s grace, only to find my attention wandering and my eyelids drooping. “Keep awake,” Jesus repeatedly told his three disciples.

“Keep awake,” Jesus tells all of us, not just in times of contemplation and prayer, but at all times, for we do not know when Christ will return.

This is not a call to turn inward so we focus on ourselves, making sure we’re not caught in the wrong when Christ returns. Instead, it is a call to look outward and upward, to be aware of God’s call upon our lives and God’s movements in this world, and to be anticipating God’s final victory. By God’s grace, we are able to live as his wide awake children at all times and in all places, even as we anticipate the day when God will fully dwell among us (Rev. 21:3).

– Kristen


Lord, please give us the eyes to see your grace in this world, and the ears to respond to your call to live as your children.