Time Passes

Trygve and Kristen Johnson

READ : 2 Peter 3:8-13

With the Lord one day is like a thousand years. (v. 8)

In high school I had a teacher who posted a phrase carved in wood over the blackboard: “Time passes, will you?” It was a haunting question. It still is.

Time is one of the most mysterious aspects of life. What is time? And how does it relate to God?

Peter suggests that God’s time is different than ours. We want things to happen right now. This can be frustrating for a Christian. We look around and, if we are real honest, we acknowledge that God sometimes feels hidden or even absent. We may wonder aloud, “Where is God?” But God’s time is not like ours. In such moments we lean on providence, the doctrine that teaches that God is always active—even if we can’t see it. Time is on God’s side. With God, one day is like a thousand years, a thousand years like a day.

Peter says God is not slow about keeping his promises; rather God is patient in executing judgment. God is restrained because God wants to give everyone space and time to change. But Peter also suggests that God will come again. On that day, time will truly have passed, and all in Christ will pass too—into a new creation!

– Trygve


God, thank you for saying yes to us in Christ so we can say yes to you.