God's Kingdom Come

Trygve and Kristen Johnson

READ : John 1:19-28

He confessed and did not deny it, but confessed, “I am not the Messiah.” (v. 20)

People came to John the Baptist trying to make sense of who he was. Was he the Messiah? When he answered no, they then asked if he was Elijah or the prophet. Twice more he answered no.

The Jews were anticipating and hoping that all three would come. Different passages from the Old Testament suggested that Elijah and another man known as “The Prophet” would come to prepare the way for the Messiah. There was a particular longing for the Messiah in the time of Jesus because the Jews no longer had their own nation, but had become part of the Roman Empire. The hope was that when the Messiah came, he would help deliver the Jews into their own kingdom once again.

In some ways, we are not unlike the Jews as we await the Messiah’s return. Scattered throughout the world but united in Christ and in worship of God, we await the day when our Messiah will come to complete the vision of God’s kingdom. In that day, God’s people will dwell together with him and each other, united in Christ and in worship that transcends all our differences.


Lord, help us to wait with patience and excitement for the day when we will be fully united in your new kingdom here on earth.